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About Cristina Imre

Cristina Imre is a Serial Entrepreneur, Doctor, Mindset Expert, Executive Coach & Mentor, VC Partner, Author, Legacy Builder, Problem Solver

She is the former CEO & Co-Founder at Aecho where she developed and combined AI and voice technology (SER) with human-centric methods that can blend seamlessly.

“We must never forget that AI’s role is to assist us in evolving, not vice versa. The perfect blend between technology and human-centric approaches is possible, but we are not there yet. That’s where Aecho comes into play.”

In March 2022, Cristina stepped down from all her operational roles to pursue her passion, coaching and mentoring startup founders & value-driven entrepreneurs. 

Quantum Wins Coaching & Mentoring Programs offers 1:1 coaching for funded startup founders, value-driven entrepreneurs, and C-level executives who want to scale and transform their businesses using the power of the energy world instead of slow, incremental changes governed by the physical realm.

As a legacy builder, she’s driven to foster purpose-driven, empathic leadership that impacts and leaves a mark on our current and future generations.

Her current endeavor is the result of her two decades of research, testing & applying unique and classical methods on business and people development. By doing so, she gained a unique perspective on the world we live in and how we as humans function.

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